Software Bisque Press Release
September 29, 2004

Near-Earth Asteroid 4179 Toutatis Captured Using Software Bisque Technology  

Astronomers Gianluca Masi, Franco Mallia and Roger Wilcox used TheSky, CCDSoft and a Paramount GT-1100S at the SoTIE Observatory in Las Campaņas, Chile to acquire the images used in this fascinating video.

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Please wait while the 1.7 MB image loads. Video is reproduced with permission. 

Astronomer C. Pollas discovered Asteriod 4179 (Toutatis) on January 4, 1989. On September 29, 2004, Italian astronomer Gianluca Masi, along with colleagues Franco Millia and Roger Wilcox, captured this video footage of Toutatis during its latest near-earth approach.

From Italy, Masi used Software Bisque's TheSky and CCDSoft software to remotely control a Paramount GT-1100S at the SoTiE telescope in Las Campaņas, Chile collect the images for this video.


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