Seeker Version 1.1 Enhancements and Improvements

Seeker Version 1.1 is available for download from the Software Bisque web site. (See the FAQs page for step-by-step download instructions).


Version 1.1 contains many exciting enhancements, improvements and new additions as well as several bug fixes, as listed below.


New Features

New and Improved 3D Models

New Tours

Bug Fixes


New Features


New and Improved 3D Models

Old vs. New Models

(Click on a photo below to view the high-resolution version)





New and improved Earth's moon



New and improved International Space Station model


New and improved Hubble Space Telescope model



New and improved Io (Jupiter's moon)




New and improved Europa (Jupiter's moon)


New and improved Callisto (new and improved)



New Models




Ariel (Uranus' moon)


Dione (Saturn's moon)


Generic Radio Satellite


Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Satellite Model




Iapetus (Saturn's moon)




Iridium Satellite



Miranda (Uranus' moon)



Rhea (Saturn's moon)




Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft



Spitzer Space Telescope


Tethys (Saturn's moon)


Titania (Uranus' moon)


Tracking and Data Relay (TDRS-A) Satellite


Tracking and Data Relay (TDRS-I) Satellite


New Tours


Bug Fixes