TheSkyX Pro Plus the Camera Add On

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Standard Features

The Camera Add On to TheSkyX Professional Edition offers integrated telescope, camera, focuser, filter wheel, rotator and AO device control for your Mac or Windows computer and includes the following features:




Control any two supported cameras simultaneously; one for imaging and one for autoguiding.

Autoguide and acquire FITS photos.

Perform automated focus (using @Focus2).

Graph autoguiding metrics, including a 3D graph of the guide star, HFD, guider errors and more.

Acquire an unlimited number of series of photos, each with different exposure times, filter wheel settings, calibration and more to automate LRGB or any other filter sequence.

Automatically save photos (with highly flexible and configurable names and folders).

Dithering built in.

Create and apply calibration frames.

Reduce photos (apply dark frame, bias and flat frames) using multiple CPUs when available.

Allows TheSkyX to provide, native, standalone, automated pointing calibration runs (the optional TPoint Add On required) for telescope modeling. 

Allows TheSkyX to automatically determine your image scale with a single button click.

Scripted device control and image acquisition (using Java script on Mac/Windows or COM automation on Windows).

Telescope's coordinates are automatically added to the FITS header

Adjust photos' white and black points using a graphical histogram control.

Natively control many commercial cameras, focusers, filter wheels, AO devices, and rotators, on Mac or Windows.

Control all ASCOM-compliant hardware (Windows only).


Natively Supported Cameras

Other Natively Supported Devices

Non-Natively Supported Cameras

Other Non-Natively Supported Devices

Natively Supported Cameras

The Camera Add On natively supports the following cameras.


Camera Manufacturer/Model

Apogee Instruments cameras (Alta and later models only)


ATIK cameras

Canon EOS cameras1

Finger Lakes Instruments (FLI) cameras

Moravian Instruments cameras2


Orion Starshoot Autoguider (SSAG)



Quantum Scientific Imaging (QSI) cameras3

Santa Barbara Instrument Group (SBIG) all models

Starlight Xpress Cameras (Lodestar/CoStar/Superstar/Ultrastar/SXVR/Trius models)

Any camera that has a driver that adheres to the X2 cross platform, device driver standard.

Simulated camera4

Video cameras5


ZWO cameras6


1The Camera Add On supports Digic III, IV and V model Canon EOS cameras, including:

2The Windows X2 Plug In for Moravian Instruments cameras is distributed by Moravian Instruments, not Software Bisque, and must be downloaded and installed separately.

3The Windows QSI camera and filter wheel X2 Plug In must be downloaded and installed separately from QSI's web site.  The Mac QSI and filter wheel X2 Plug In is included with the latest update or daily build.

4Camera simulator can acquire photos from the Digitized Sky Survey (web-based, RealSky, or from the 10x DSS on the TheSkyX Pro Database Add On).

5TheSkyX Pro Camera Add On for Windows can take photos from any video device that supports the Windows DirectShow media streaming architecture.

6The Mac ZWO X2 Plug In can be downloaded from the ZWO web site. The Windows X2 Plug In, presently in beta, can be downloaded here (must be signed into the Software Bisque web site first).


Non-Natively Supported Cameras

On Windows, the Camera Add On additionally supports third-party camera drivers.


Third-Party Driver Model/Software

Any ASCOM-compatible camera



Any MaxIm DL-compatible camera


Starlight Xpress cameras6



6Download the Starlight Xpress ASCOM camera driver from the Starlight Xpress web site.

Other Natively Supported Devices

The Camera Add On natively supports adaptive optics devices, filter wheels, focusers and rotators.




AO Devices

SBIG AO, all models, including AO with STT model cameras

Filter Wheels

Apogee Instruments Filter Wheels (all models)


ATIK Filter Wheels (all models)

FLI Filter Wheels (all models)

QSI Filter Wheels (all models)

SBIG Filter Wheels (all models)

Starlight Xpress SX USB Filter Wheel


Optec TCF S and TCF S3

Optec FocusLynx (via serial interface only)

Moonlite Focuser

Starlight Xpress FeatherTouch focusers using the MicroTouch Autofocus unit

Focuser Simulator

Pulse Focusers controlled by Astro-Physics, Gemini, Meade, and Paramount mounts


Optec Pyxis

Rotator Simulator


Other Non-Native Supported Devices

On Windows, the Camera Add On additionally supports third-party devices



Third-Party Driver Model/Software


All ASCOM-compatible focusers


Filter Wheels

All ASCOM-compatible filter wheels



All ASCOM-compatible rotators