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Browser Astronomy (Patent 7313763)

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Remotely controlling observatories via modem or the Internet is nothing new. With Software Bisque's existing Internet Astronomy Software, users can use this specialized software to connect to observatories around the world and do real astronomy.


Browser Astronomy leverages the client/server architecture of our Internet Astronomy software technology developed over the past decade and is the next logical step in Software Bisque's continuing goal to make astronomy accessible to everyone. Now, anyone with access to the Internet, using any Browser, on any operating system, can control observatories anywhere around the world. 

The First Step
To show off this technology, Software Bisque has setup a free online Browser Astronomy demonstration page.  

From this page, a web-based star chart (powered by TheSky) is your cockpit to the night sky.  You can zoom, scroll, and rotate the chart, just like using TheSky from your desktop. Once you've located the object to image, enter its  name and then click a button to slew a the simulated telescope to that object and have a simulated CCD camera automatically take an image and display it.  Astronomy made simple!

Browser Astronomy's applications are virtually limitless.  Image deep-space objects, capture comets, satellites, asteroids, monitor variable stars, even search for supernovas...all from the comfort of your browser.  The sky's the limit!

If you would like to experience the future of amateur astronomy, click on the link above!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Browser Astronomy?

A. Browser Astronomy gives anyone with access to the Internet using any Browser (for example, Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) the ability to remotely control observatories around the world in real time or in an automated (scripted) fashion. No additional software or hardware is required.


Q. I have an observatory and wish to make it accessible over the Internet. Can I purchase Browser Astronomy?

A. Browser Astronomy can be licensed from Software Bisque for non-commercial use only. Contact Software Bisque for Browser Astronomy for licensing costs.



Q. My institution wants to build an observatory for remote access. What equipment do you recommend?

A. Setting up a remotely accessible observatory is not a trivial task. Your budget, observing goals, and a host of other issues will affect what equipment to buy and the overall cost. To ensure the best overall performance, productivity and reliability, Software Bisque recommends the following minimum equipment:

(There are many, many other options and accessories that can be added to the above list.)