Software Bisque Press Release
January 12, 2001

A Match Made In Heaven

DFM Engineering, Inc. and Software Bisque, Inc. Team Up To Provide Internet Access To DFM Telescopes


DFM Engineering, Inc. of Longmont, Colorado and Software Bisque, Inc. of Golden, Colorado have teamed up to make some of the world's most powerful telescopes accessible over the Internet.  

DFM Engineering is the leading manufacturer of high-end 0.4 m and larger telescopes.  Software Bisque develops and sells a suite of software applications that can control telescopes, CCD cameras and other astronomical devices over the Internet.  The companies have jointly developed the necessary software "drivers" so that Software Bisque's software can now control DFM's hardware.    

"DFM can now offer our telescope customers an easy-to-use, Windows-based software package that allows operating our equipment from anyplace with an Internet connection. This greatly expands the audience capable of using our telescopes," stated Frank Melsheimer, president of DFM Engineering.  

Steve Bisque, president of Software Bisque adds, "Our Internet Astronomy Software Suite gives amateur and professional astronomers the tools they need to remotely access astronomical observatories using the Internet. We're extremely excited to be able to offer the astronomy community this unparalleled combination of software and hardware muscle."

Since 1978, DFM Engineering has designed, manufactured and installed over 70 astronomical telescopes worldwide and retrofit their control system on more than 12 other older telescopes. Always a front-runner in the astronomical community, DFM has evolved to offer cutting edge telescopes, electro-optical-mechanical systems, instrumentation, and lidar components. 

Since 1984, Software Bisque has provided software and hardware products to the amateur astronomer community.  Their Internet Astronomy Software, or IAS, includes TheSky Astronomy Software, CCDSoft CCD Astronomy Software, Orchestrate Scripting Software, TPoint Telescope Pointing Analysis for Windows, and IAClient and IAServer applications that allow remote use of astronomical devices over the Internet.

Golden-based Software Bisque is considered by many in the field to be the leading astronomy software developer in the industry. Its flagship software product, TheSky, has gained a well-earned reputation as the most sophisticated, elegant, yet easy-to-use planetarium and telescope-control program. Software Bisque has developed several software extensions for TheSky, including CCDSoft, Orchestrate, TPoint and  AutomaDome.


Photographs from the January 2001 American Astronomical Society Meeting In San Diego, CA

DFM Engineering's exhibit at the AAS convention showing TheSky control a 16-inch DFM telescope.


DFM demonstrated remote telescope control using Software Bisque's Internet Astronomy Software by remotely controlling and downloading pictures from DFM telescope's across the country.




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