Lions of the Lyons 

By Ramon E. Bisque

Colorado Cougars in a Modern Predator/Prey Drama


Eastern Cougar Foundation June 2009 Newsletter



Thank you for your interest in Ray Bisque's new book entitled Lions of the Lyons - Colorado Cougars in A Modern Predator/Prey Drama

Over the past three decades, local cougars have conducted a field course for the author in the area of the Lyons Hogback at the mouth of Coal Creek Canyon, near Golden, Colorado. The surge in cougar activity since the late eighties is documented and illustrated with color photos taken by family and residents. The author’s “lessons” are described in vivid and informative detail. The predator/prey balance involving mule deer is well developed.  A book hunters will want to share with friends who don’t hunt.

Paperback, $11.50 postpaid, 117 pages, 6-inch x 9-inch format. 

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ISBN 0-9702513-1-9



"Lions of the Lyons - Colorado Cougars in A Modern Predator/Prey Drama" copyright © 2000 Ramon E. Bisque, all rights reserved.


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