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Trial Night and Some Photos


Well tonight was a success and a failure. My partner and I were able to get setup and tracking on the sky at our chosen site, but then the clouds rolled in and ruined everything. Luckily last night was only the practice run. Hopefully tonight is much clearer. We did chance onto a wonderful site. There is a lovely couple who just happened to have a telescope pad complete with red lights and a power outlet for us to use. But it is already 3:40 in the morning here so this will be a short one, but here are some photos I have been taking.


Posted 06-01-2017 7:36 PM by Rose Smith


peter27284 wrote re: Trial Night and Some Photos
on 06-02-2017 10:59 AM

Thanks for answering my other question.  Given the tremendous distance involved here and the fact that without applying general relativity even the error in the distance to the sun pushes oh, 5 percent, how do you deal with error here?  Just conceptually.


Rose Smith wrote re: Trial Night and Some Photos
on 06-08-2017 12:21 PM

Well, from my perspective, which is only as one of the observers, we had a GPS connected to our camera, so we have accurate time and location of the observations. In addition a lot of what we are interested in is the size and albedo (reflectivity) of the Kuiper Belt Object. As far as the accuracy of the orbital measurements, I have not been involved in the processing, but I am interested my self and as the analysis continues I am trying to learn more for my own sake, and when I learn more I will pass it on to you.


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