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Observations Completed, and also a Leopard

This morning went quite well! Despite the forecast predicting clouds, the sky at my site was totally clear. However, it was quite windy, so we held up a tarp to protect the telescope and keep it stable. My team got the data, and it sounds like other teams had success, too.

After our observing run, and about three hours of sleep, I went on a safari. By far the best part was being face to face with a leopard, as well as lions, giraffes, zebras, and a ton more animal species. I will be processing my photos when I get home and post a bunch of them for your consumption. 

Posted 06-03-2017 1:37 PM by R.J. Smith


Robert Yount (BubbaD) wrote re: Observations Completed, and also a Leopard
on 06-06-2017 1:28 PM



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