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Paramount ME II
Richard S. Wright Jr.'s Blog
We interrupt this TPoint love fest for an update on Pacific Astronomy and Telescope Show (PATS)…

I had the greatest “workcation” of all time.

Steve let me borrow the Paramount MX we shipped out to PATS a week early and I visited the GMARS dark sky site with the Riverside Astronomical society. Three glorious nights of imaging under dark desert skies!
After a couple of days visiting my daughter (who lives in CA), I came up to PATS. We had a bit of a surprise in store at our booth, the first public showing of the new Paramount ME II.
It’s going to take us a while to get the web pages up to date, so here’s a little sneak scoop for you.

The Paramount ME has been discontinued and the Paramount ME II is already in full production!  There are all sorts of variables, but we feel pretty good that we should be shipping by February, 2013.

Here’s a quick (but incomplete) rundown of the ME II's specs... 

Steve Bisque setting up a Paramount ME II at PATS 2012.  Photo by Richard S. Wright, Jr.

  • Same footprint as the ME, so it’ll pop right on an existing pier or tripod.
  • Weighs a little more… 85 lb/39 kg.
  • Carries a lot more… 240 lb/109 kg.
  • Why, of course it tracks past the meridian, just like an MX, up to three hours!
  • Larger counterweights (30 lb/14 kg) and counterweight shaft. (Optionally, you can still use the old counterweight shaft and counterweights.)
  • Includes the MKS 5000 control system electronics like the MX.
  • Higher-capacity internal bearings, much larger servo motors, increased torque and all that good stuff.
  • Ample room for through the mount cabling; there’s no need to remove the telescope or take anything apart to do so.
  • Same configuration of through the mount power and two (2) USB ports on the Versa-Plate’s Instrument Panel.
  • Simple switch to engage/disengage worms when balancing the payload.

Introductory price…. (drum roll please)…. $12,750.00

Our tests show the ME II’s performance meets or exceeds the ME in every aspect.  It will be exciting to get this puppy into customer’s hands to see what you can do with it!

Taking orders now...

Posted 09-25-2012 10:49 AM by Richard Wright


Steve Norvich wrote re: Paramount ME II
on 09-25-2012 2:50 PM

Ah, that time frame is the time frame when  I will need one!  What a happy thought!!!


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