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Visit to the Mother Ship
Richard S. Wright Jr.'s Blog

I just returned home to Lake Mary Florida, from where I work remotely for Software Bisque. I spent two days in Golden visiting the "Mother Ship" having some meetings with the "Brothers Bisque". In this day and age, between the Internet and UPS, it's not terribly hard to work from a remote site. I'm primarily responsible (right now) for our upcoming mobile product(s), but also work quite a bit on TheSky, the Camera Add On, various X2 plug-ins, etc. This requires a lot of communication and cooperation with the rest of the gang. Sometimes though, there is no better way to do things than to have everyone in a room with a white board and projector to hash things out. We debate, change each others minds, and figure out implementation and/or technical wrinkles together. I'm very excited about the results of those two days, and everyone of us is going to be putting in a lot of over time this summer to bring some exciting things to light. A couple of which we hope will be hot topics at this year's AIC, and a couple of which will have to wait until early next year. NEAF 2014 will hopefully be every bit as exciting as this year's show; maybe even more so!

The last time I visited Golden, we had just closed on the new building and I had only seen it from the outside as the present tenants hadn't yet vacated. This time I got to see the new digs, and the new, more spacious, and upgraded machine shop. Software Bisque is on the move and growing!  

Check out the picture below of a row of Paramount ME IIs in the final stages of assembly. Two were being "run in", where they are tested for several hours before shipping, and there was one with a big sticky note on it, "In Time Out". This is Sarah Bisque's way of saying the mount was misbehaving and was not ready to be shipped.

The new machine shop is much bigger than the old one, and attached to the new office building (Software Bisque's main office and machine shop used to be located several blocks apart). We simply could not crank out ME IIs, MX's, tripods, etc. with the space we had before.  Everything for the Paramounts is made in Colorado, including the electronics, which are manufactured by a firm only an hour or so away. The machine shop runs twenty hours a day to (try) and keep up with demand for our hardware products. Oh, and here's an interesting factoid: The machine shop's temperature must remain constant, within a few degrees, in fact, when the precision worms and gears are manufactured for the Paramounts. There is no lack of attention to detail when it comes to making our mounts!

Oh, and check this out! If you live in Europe, and your waiting on your mount, here it is! These pallets contain Paramount MXs and Paramount ME IIs bound for Baader Planetarium in Germany.  It was quite a sight!

Posted 05-04-2013 7:26 AM by Richard Wright
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Logan wrote re: Visit to the Mother Ship
on 05-28-2013 7:20 PM

Awesome!  Thanks for the inside view.  We wish SB every success!

Daniel R. Bisque wrote re: Visit to the Mother Ship
on 05-31-2013 9:18 AM

@Logan: Thank you!

jimkay wrote re: Visit to the Mother Ship
on 06-23-2013 1:44 PM

More evidence of a quality company and product.


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