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Winter Star Party Demonstrations
Richard S. Wright Jr.'s Blog

So, I'm gearing up for the Winter Star Party, it's less than two weeks away! A friend on Facebook tells me this morning he's thinking hard about a Paramount MyT, and asked if he could watch me set it up at the star party. I did this for a couple other customers just last new moon and they were up and going on their own the next night with their own Paramounts. There's just no substitute for seeing it hands on.

So, here's my offer. Every clear night at WSP, if you find the Bisque "booth" by 5 p.m. I will tear down (I'm not going to start over each night if there are no "takers"<g>) and setup the MYT complete with optic while you watch and ask questions (yes, I'm crazy I know<g>). I'll show you how I do my polar alignment, get focus and Image Link, and do a TPoint run. I hadn't planned to guide with the MYT (it has an excellent PEC table loaded), but I'll stick a guider on and walk through the process of calibration and successful guiding for anyone who wants to watch, whether you already have a Paramount or not.

I will have all three Paramount models there on site too, so you can see the Paramount ME II and Paramount MX+ in action as well.

Fingers crossed for clear skies!




Posted 02-05-2015 7:32 AM by Richard Wright


Robert Yount (BubbaD) wrote re: Winter Star Party Demonstrations
on 02-07-2015 11:41 PM

Hi Richard,

This sounds very familiar! ;)

Looking forward to seeing you and the MyT demo at WSP!


Robert (Bubba D.)

Richard Wright wrote re: Winter Star Party Demonstrations
on 02-08-2015 7:41 AM

LOL, yes Bubba doesn't it! See you there ;-)

Roystarman wrote re: Winter Star Party Demonstrations
on 02-18-2015 1:36 PM

Are you coming to the Texas Star Party?

Richard Wright wrote re: Winter Star Party Demonstrations
on 02-23-2015 6:23 AM

Not this year Roy. I was hoping to make it, but alas, my wedding anniversary falls right in the middle of it. There is an executive order in place banning trips on that date ;-)


talbotj wrote re: Winter Star Party Demonstrations
on 04-02-2015 2:23 PM

Roy, I'll be at TSP with my newish MYT.

Jon Talbot


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