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Software Bisque Software Subscription - Terms and Conditions

When you purchase a software product from Software Bisque, in addition to the standard software license agreement, you also receive a one (1) year software subscription that provides the following benefits:

  • Download the product's full installer.*
  • Download the latest updates for the product. Updates include improvements, enhancements, support for new devices (telescopes, focusers, etc.) and bug fixes that were not part of the initial release.
  • Download the latest daily builds.
  • Access to your Software Bisque account information, including your product serial number.
  • A free upgrade to the next major release with continuous, uninterrupted subscription payment.

In order to continue to receive the above subscription benefits, you can optionally choose to renew your software subscription each year. 

  • If you choose not to renew your subscription, the software including software Add Ons continues to function normally.  
  • TheSkyX Professional Edition's subscription renewal fee renews the annual subscription for the optional, but sold separately Camera Add On, Dome Add On, and the TPoint Add On.
  • TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition's subscription renewal fee renews the annual subscription for the optional, but sold separately TPoint Add On.
  • The subscription renewal is not automatic.  You will be notified by email when your product subscription is about to expire. 
  • The annual software subscription renewal cost is approximately 30% of the product's full retail cost.
  • Subscriptions are not subject to shipping costs.
  • Software Bisque does not provide access to older installers.  Please backup your installers and updates in case you want to install them later (on a new computer, for instance).

Renewing Your Subscription

To renew a software subscription:

  1. Sign into the Software Bisque web site.
  2. Click on your sign in name at the top of any page.
  3. Click the Subscriptions link.
  4. Click the Renew link under the Actions column on your account's Subscriptions page.

See "How Do I Renew My Annual Subscription?" for more information.

After Renewing Your Subscription

After renewing your subscription, you will receive an automated email confirming the renewal, and one year is added to the subscription expiration date for this product.  See your account's Subscriptions page to review the product's subscription status. 

Remember, after renewing, nothing physical (media, box or printed user guide) will be shipped to you.   The subscription renewal gives you another year's access to the above subscription benefits.

Return & Refund Policy

*Limited to a maximum of five (5) downloads of the full product installer per year.


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