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Daniel R. Bisque Posted: 09-16-2011 1:34 PM | Locked

Software Bisque Knowledge Base Article - 1229




Please help us help you get answers and solve problems.   Before or after posting any question to the Software Bisque Support Forum, please ALWAYS perform the following...


Step 1: New User? Check Out Our Web Site Overview Page

If you are new to Software Bisque, please review this page for details on how to join, sign in, make posts and more. 

Click here to visit the Software Bisque Web Site Overview page.


Step 2: Register Your Serial Number

Registering your software serial number gives you access to the full installers and updates.  In other words, you cannot access software downloads until your serial number has been registered to your account.

Click here to register your serial number.

(If your product does not include a serial number, skip this step.)


Step 3: Install the Latest Software Version (Update)

Many common issues can be resolved just by installing in the latest version of your software. 

Click here to visit the Downloads page.


Step 4: Install the Latest Video Driver for Your Computer

Many Software Bisque's products rely use graphics acceleration and updating your video driver can solve abnormal behavior.

Click here for details about updating your computer's video driver.


Step 5: Search the Software Bisque Web Site for Answers

The forums are loaded with answers to thousands of previously asked questions.  Chances are, your question  has already been answered.  For best results, try searching for specific keywords related to your problem.

Click here to search the Software Bisque Web Site for answers



Step 6: Search the User Guide and Help

Our software documentation is available in a variety of formats to suite your preferences.

  • User Guides are available in PDF format and can be downloaded from the Documentation link on the Software Bisque Downloads page.
  • Documentation is available in "help" format.  See the Help menu to access it.
  • Documentation is available in "web-based help" format.  A link to the "web-based help" is available on the product's main web page.  

Step 7: Update Your Account's Profile

The more information we have about your setup, the better.  Consider adding the make and model of all the astronomical equipment you use, your current computer details (including the operating system, video hardware make and model, speed, amount of RAM) and other information to your account's Biography

To edit your account's biography, from on the Profile Options tab, use the Bio text box to enter your setup details.  Make sure to click the Save button at the bottom of this page to save profile changes.

Click here to view your account's biography page


If the problem persists after performing the above steps, make sure to include the step-by-step procedure that is required to reproduce the behavior in your post.

Thank you! 


  • All Software Bisque support requests


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