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Microtouch Focuser

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gorgipark Posted: 04-17-2013 9:35 AM

Dear software bisque,

 I just purchased SkyX pro and I am evaluating camera add-on and T-point. I was wondering if there is support for Starizona's microtouch focuser. I believe that I can autofocus using ASCOM drivers. Am I correct. ?

Is there anyway I can try the software first ?

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Microtouch focuser works quite well using the Ascom interface and I also found a native X2 driver that one of the user published.




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There are ASCOM and X2 drivers for MicroTouch focusers and the camera add on. Unfortunately, the camera add on in TSX does not (yet?) support the temperature compensation or the multiple focuser capabilities available in the ASCOM driver. For example, when I connect the MT focuser in Sequence Generator Pro, it automatically sees the full capabilities of the driver and asks which of the four available focuser slots I want to assign.

Jim McSheehy

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This causes me to question...

Does TSX currently support temperature compensation in an ASCOM focuser (Moonlite)?

Would appreciate an answer.


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It depends on how the temperature compensation is implemented.

Focusers like Optec's TCF handle temperature compensation internally; updating their motor position every few (minutes? degrees?  I'm not sure how it's implemented).  TheSkyX wouldn't interfere with this functionality.

ASCOM handles temperature compensation a little differently.  Once a temperature slope is configured (within the focuser driver?), an application must explicitly activate compensation, at which point the focuser will reject all further move commands.  TSX does not currently support this sort of behavior.

There's another method that's a bit more focuser-independant.  TSX has the ability (currently under testing) to generate a temperature compensation curve and then adjust the focuser position in software accordingly.  This lets TSX implement compensation on ANY motorized focuser, not just those that have compensation built into the driver.

If you're a TSX user and you'd like to try this functionality out early, please drop me a line and I'll let you know what needs to be done to activate it.

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Hi Evan,

I just downloaded your X2 driver for the Starizona Microtouch focuser. When I try to connect it via TSX, I get an error

If I go to settings after choosing the Microtouch Starizona focuser I get this error

Forcibly Disconnected from Com/Ole Interface. 

Then I get a run time error and TSX crashes.

I installed and uninstalled once & then reinstalled but not change.

I have TSX 10.2.0 Build 6534

I am still able to run it fine with Focusmax and MaximDL

Does this sound familiar? Any light you can shed will be very helpful.


Shailesh Trivedi

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I'd recommend using the built-in ASCOM driver rather than the old X2 Microtouch driver if it's possible for you.  The ASCOM driver should be able to do anything the X2 Microtouch driver can, plus a number of newer features (like temperature and temperature compensation) that weren't possible when the older driver was written.

If ASCOM isn't a possibility (or if it fails too), please let me know.


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Just to bump this thread ... is there any possibility that an X2 driver for the MicroTouch focuser will be available at some foreseeable time (in my particular case, for Mac OS X)?




Terry R. Friedrichsen Bunker Ranch Observatory

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Just to bump this thread ... is there any possibility that an X2 driver for the MicroTouch focuser will be available at some foreseeable time (in my particular case, for Mac OS X)?
Please refer to this thread:  In short, Gil develop a TheSkyX Pro for Mac X2 MicroTouch focuser plug in and it's now being tested. 

Software Bisque hopes to distribute this driver as part of TheSkyX Pro for Mac when it's available.

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