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Daniel R. Bisque Posted: 09-08-2014 2:30 PM | Locked

Software Bisque Knowledge Base Article - 1236


Please see SBKB 1239 - Troubleshooting USB Communication Failures for additional information.


By default, Microsoft Windows power management plan can suspend power to one or more USB devices connected to the computer (called USB Selective Suspend).  Once power to the USB port is suspended, TheSky will report communication errors, time out errors and potentially other unexpected device to PC transmission errors for any mount, camera, hub, or other USB device that is connected to this USB port.


Edit the computer's power management settings to disable the USB Selective Suspend setting.

  1. Click Start > Control Panel and double-click the Power Options icon.
  2. Click Edit Power Plan from the list of Power Options.
  3. Click Change Advanced Power Settings on the Edit Plan Settings window.
  4. On the Advanced Settings tab, expand USB Settings.
  5. Expand USB Selective Suspend Setting
  6. Choose Disabled from the Settings pop-up menu.

Power management settings can be configured for each USB port on the computer. 

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Device Manager.
  2. Expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers on the Device Manager window.
  3. For the Generic USB Hub you wish to manage power settings, right-click, and choose the Properties command.
  4. Click the Power Management tab on the Generic USB Hub Properties window.
  5. Turn off the Allow the Computer to Turn Off this Device to Save Power checkbox and click OK

Make sure to repeat the above procedure for every USB port.


  • The Power tab on the Generic USB Hub Properties window lists the current power consumption requirements for the connected USB device.  This information can be useful to ensure a USB device that is connected to the Paramount's Instrument Panel's USB hub does not exceed the maximum power specifications.
  • Users report that the Windows Update can change USB Power Management settings without notification.  If your computer suddenly encounters USB communication failures, double-check these settings!
To minimize issues related to operating-specific power management features, Software Bisque strongly recommends reviewing your computer's power plan before attempting to automate observatory control.


  • TheSkyX Professional Edition for Windows
  • Camera Add On
  • Dome Add On

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