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T Point

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Jack1 Posted: 01-07-2017 3:43 PM

in using  it says to center star in eyepiece...OR center of ccd chip..How do I kn ow if it is centered  on the CCD chip??


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From your question, I would assume you are a new user of both SkyXPro/Tpoint and/or imaging.

Tpoint can be used visually, using an eyepiece, but usually, most folks use it with a CCD camera. 

To use it visually, you would center a star in the center of the eyepiece. If you have a ccd camera mounted on the scope, instead of an eyepiece, you would take an image, and then make sure the star is centered on the image by moving the scope until it is centered.

But most folks use T-Point with a CCD camera use an automated imaging run, by using Automated Calibration from the T-Point settings page, which selects the stars and slews, then plate solves, and syncs automatically.

You can't center a star on a CCD chip if you don't have a ccd camera!


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How do I kn ow if it is centered  on the CCD chip??
Use Image Link to determine the astrometric solution for the photo, or use Automated Pointing Calibration and have TheSkyX+Camera Add On+TPoint Add On do the work for you.  See Automated Pointing Calibration in the TPoint Add On User Guide for details.

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