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QHY5L-iim - Any chance of this ever being supported on OS X?

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BlueFang Posted: 07-27-2017 11:49 PM

I am very interested in taking the plunge into TheSkyX Professional ecosystem (which would include the camera add-on and possibly others).

My main goal is to be able to complete an entire imaging session in OS X - I have Bootcamp installed, and I have been reluctantly using Windows as my imaging OS for the past 3 years, but I would love nothing more than finally leave Windows forever.

I have been looking through supported camera tables and supported mount tables and it is hard to get a definitive answer, but I believe from what I can piece together, the QHY5L-ii is not supported by TheSkyX on OS X? 

Is this correct? Are there any plans to ever support the QHY5L-ii on OS X? Having a look through the github repository, they have indeed released (at least a static driver) for OS X - so the excuse of no formal support no longer holds up. Also, the QHY5L-ii is the same hardware as the Orion AutoGuider Pro, right? I still haven't figured out why one camera would be supported but the other wouldn't be. Is this simply because the USB product ID is different for the two cameras?

I am simply looking for a solution that allows me to complete my imaging session on OS X. If that entails selling my QHY5L for a better supported guiding camera then please let me know if that is what is required.

My current imaging setup:

  • Sky-Watcher AZ/EQ 6 Pro
  • QHY5L-iim
  • ZWOASI 1600m cooled
  • ZWO EFW-7

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Also, the QHY5L-ii is the same hardware as the Orion AutoGuider Pro, right?

Yes, but we do not have native support for the Orion AutoGuider Pro.. only the original SSAG. The original developer of that low level code has left Orion, and there is no further support available for it I'm afraid.

so the excuse of no formal support no longer holds up

No excuses are being offered. We are working directly with QHY on this, and the developer of that code you found. When it is stable and meets our quality standards, we will release something. Remaining issues pertain to multiple camera support and multithreaded operation. Yes, I'm sure PhD and other programs have no problem using a single camera, but our interface is a bit more demanding.

That said, they are working hard on it, and yes, "eventually" I expect we should have something. Perhaps even before end of summer (my fingers are crossed too).



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Sounds very promising. I actually found some threads on the forums that talked about this effort in a bit more detail. Thanks a bunch for the update. Sounds like I am not the only person out there that wants to use a Mac for their entire workflow.

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I am running a PC, and the QHY driver is still suspect.  It only works in ASCOM mode, but I'm not using another mount, and the relay guide mode does not work. 



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I have the same problem, under Windows 10 OS the QHY driver dosn't work, if I use the  ASCOM drivers TSX works with two QHY cameras (QHYM and QHY5II-L).

I am not try the guide yet...

I have also tried the raspberry version of TSX with the QHY plugin and SDK...with the PI3 TSX works with this cameras but is not stable and is not possible use two cameras in the same time....


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So I have finally decided to take the plunge into TheSkyX Pro platform (specifically so that I can have a unified OS X astrophotography solution) - I have decided to replace my QHY5L-ii guiding camera with a better supported camera on OS X. I am fed up with crappy Windows software and driver problems. Windows was making astronomy not fun - and that is not how it is suppose to work.


Here's to long and continued support of the OS X platform! Please don't make me ever have to boot into Windows again to look at the universe.


p.s. If you ever get bored... Metal support (OS X's alternative to OpenGL) would be awesome! 



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Dennis, I just purchased a QHY168C and trying to get up to speed on TSX's ability to work with it.  Just confirmed that TSX will work with my QHY only in ASCOM camera mode and not directly using the Win10 driver (which seems fine in Device Manager).  But I need the QHY to be a guider as well.  Have you had any success guiding with your QHY using TSX?

Thank you.


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Can anyone reply to my question?

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