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Brian Rickard Posted: 10-04-2017 1:55 PM | Locked

Software Bisque Knowledge Base Article - 1244



The user is unsure how to obtain, activate or update TheSkyX Add Ons.


There are three types of add-ons available for TheSkyX: license, database and software. This article provides links for obtaining, information on activating, and discusses updating these add-ons. Note that, except for the TPoint Add On—which is also available for TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition—all other add-ons are available for TheSkyX Professional Edition only.

License Add On

The Multi-OS and Six-License Add On for TheSkyX Professional Edition is an extension to the standard license agreement that permits the owner to download, install and use TheSkyX Professional Edition for all supported OSes (Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspbian), on up to six computers per OS, for personal use. This is the only add-on with a subscription.

Database Add On

The Database Add On for TheSkyX Professional Edition is supplied in the form of a USB external hard drive or flash drive. Refer to the instructions included with this add-on for installation and activation procedures. This is the only add-on with a physical component, requiring shipping.

Software Add Ons

Though activation of each software add-on requires an appropriate serial number, they are built into TheSkyX itself; they do not have separate installers, nor do they require shipping. The availability is as follows:

Available for TheSkyX Edition —> Serious Astronomer Professional
TPoint Add On Yes Yes
(No) Yes
Dome Add On (No) Yes
(No) Yes


A software add-on may be obtained through any of the following methods:

  • Freely trial it¹ during the 90 days following activation of TheSkyX (temporarily activated by the serial number used for TheSkyX)
  • Acquire the add-on from Software Bisque's online store (see the links above; an add-on serial number will be provided²)
  • Acquire a Paramount Software Suite, which includes these add-ons³ (activated by the Suite's serial number⁴)
  • Acquire a Universal Subscription, which includes these add-ons³ (activated by the Universal Subscription's serial number⁴)
  • Acquire a Paramount mount or Bisque TCS (Telescope Control System), which include these add-ons³ (activated by the Paramount Software Suite's serial number⁴)


In all cases, what is provided to activate the software add-on is a serial number; there is nothing to be shipped, nor additional software to be downloaded. But activation does require installing TheSkyX Serious Astronomer or Professional Edition, which may be downloaded or optionally (in the case of a Suite or Box version), shipped.

If the software add-on is obtained through a purchase from our online store (for any of the above methods), the pertinent serial number is automatically registered to the purchasing member's Subscriptions page. Otherwise, the serial number won't appear on the Subscriptions page until registered by the member. Registration is optional, though highly recommended.


All software add-ons are automatically updated when TheSkyX is updated. Accessing the latest installers requires one to have a current subscription to TheSkyX, Paramount Software Suite or Universal Subscription. While software add-ons may be registered, they do not have subscriptions.

¹The Advanced Satellite Tracking Add On is a special case that must be purchased to activate; it is not included in the 90-day trial, nor with a Paramount Software Suite or Universal Subscription.

²To use an add-on serial number, see "Activating the Camera Add On" or "Activating the Dome Add On" in TheSkyX Professional and Serious Astronomer Edition User Guide. For the TPoint Add On, open the Telescope > TPoint Add On window and enter its serial number. For the Advanced Satellite Tracking Add On, follow the instructions provided with it.

³Only the Paramount ME II Software Suite and Universal Subscription include the Dome Add On. See also note¹.

⁴A Paramount Software Suite or Universal Subscription serial number may be used to activate TheSkyX Professional Edition, which will automatically activate the included add-ons. Alternatively, TheSkyX Professional Edition may be activated by its own serial number, and a Paramount Software Suite or Universal Subscription serial number may be used to activate the individual add-ons in the same manner described in note².


  • TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition
  • TheSkyX Professional Edition


SBKB; Camera Add On; TPoint Add On; Dome Add On; Advanced Satellite Tracking Add On; TheSkyX Professional Edition; TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition

Last Revised: 2017-11-17

Brian S. Rickard
Software Bisque, Inc.

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