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Subscription renewal questions

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ddoctor Posted: 02-28-2018 2:52 PM

I'm a little confused regarding a couple of subscription options on my account page. One is for "SkyX Pro upgrade for Windows" and the other is for "Paramount MEII Robotic Telescope System". Both display as "disabled" but there is a renew option with no associated charges? Not sure what is happening there.



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To clarify, "Disabled" = Expired (that's all). When a subscription has expired, it should have the "Renew" action available.

Maintaining a software (e.g. TheSkyX) subscription is optional and is not required to use the software. However, a current ("Active") subscription does grant one access to related resources, such as the associated installer downloads.

There is no need to renew software add-on or hardware (e.g. Paramount) "subscriptions", which are really just registrations that don't truly expire.

Although you have both TheSkyX Pro Upgrade for Windows (the name of which carries over from the fact that it was acquired as an upgrade) and the Paramount ME II Software Suite, you don't need to maintain subscriptions to both, unless you need the licensing for additional computers/sites. The former may be used on up to two computers for your personal use, the latter on up to six computers per OS, also for your personal use.

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