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Can't download updates.

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Greg Gutierrez Posted: 02-28-2018 8:24 PM

Hi, I'm new to Paramount and SkyX. I purchased an MX+ used. It came with the "Software Suite usb drive". I installed SkyX pro and it works fine but it's not the latest version. I have been working with the software and reading up but I would like to "learn" and use the latest software. I registered the software and the mount and my subscription shows "active" but I get the "access denied" screen whenever I try to download the update or the daily updater. Tried asking about this through "front desk" several times over the past three weeks. No reply. Maybe I'm missing something simple??


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Congratulations on obtaining a Paramount MX+ Robotic Telescope Mount!

In checking your account, I see that you've registered your mount's serial number, but not that of the software suite. Please see our knowledge base article on Paramount Serial Numbers and Software Activation. That should get you going, unless the former owner had registered the serial number, in which case you'll need to Transfer a Software License.

Brian S. Rickard
Software Bisque, Inc.

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Brian, thanks for the reply. The prior owner did register the software and I am aware of the transfer fee and release. Both of us (myself and the previous owner) sent in the transfer forms (emails with the requested information) on 2/17. We each sent an email with all the information to the "Front Desk" and the previous owner formally released it. I'm ready to pay the $300 but don't know how to get it done. I sent a couple emails asking about it.
Thanks for the help.
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