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Removing old grease from Paramount ME

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Terry Standefer Posted: 03-07-2018 1:06 PM



I purchased a paramount me about 15 years ago.  A few months ago I went about cleaning the old grease off and regreasing according the YouTube video that has been published.  All went well except one thing.

The old grease on both sided the RA and DEC gear is crusted and can be flaked off with a tooth pick.  It is dry and like clay.  I went ahead and cleaned and regreased where the worm meets the teeth of the gear but was wondering if I should be concerned or if there is away to get to the gear so that I can clean it.  I am not wanting to remove the gear, just get enough exposure to it to use a wood toothpick to clean off both sides.  I was about to clean of side of both gears, but the 'under side' is not accessable from the small window that the worm fits into.  I the outside 'red anodized' aluminum removable so that you can to the underside of the gear or does the whole mount have to be dismantled?

It may not be a problem, it just causes me to be concerned.


Terry  Standefer

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Terry Standefer:
but was wondering if I should be concerned
Probably not.  If it's been there for 15 years, it's probably not going any where soon.

Terry Standefer:
if there is away to get to the gear so that I can clean it.
There's no way to easily access the faces of the main gears.  However, the faces of the main gears need not be cleaned, only the teeth. 

To remove the dried on grease, for each axis:

  1. Rotate the Balance Knob until the axis can rotate freely.
  2. Remove the worm block cover.
  3. Place the hose of a running shop vac near the edge of the gear, and slowly rotate the axis while gently scraping the edge of the gear with a plastic knife, citrus peeler (or similar object). 

This should be an effective method to expel the dry grease.

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Thank you so much. You answered all my questions. You guys are awesome.

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