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Software Bisque ME II learning curve

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John Harrington Posted: 04-17-2018 10:03 PM


I'll be working this summer with an ME II mount. I've printed off the Paramount Robotic Telescope User Guide and the Must-Know Out of Box info and will be reviewing those closely. Are there any additional resources available that I should review? Any lists of don't-ever-do-this mistakes that people have already made? Thanks in advance!


John Harrington

Newton, MA

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Don't EVER put it in balance mode, when it is not in balance and you have don't have a hold of the axis. Says that in the manual, but its easy to forget. Bad things can happen.

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John Harrington:
Any lists of don't-ever-do-this mistakes that people have already made?
In addition from what's in the User Guide: Never:

  • Run the observatory roof into the fully-loaded Paramount mount.
  • Allow any external object strike the counterweight shaft when the worm and gear are engaged.
  • Forget to bolt down a Paramount mount to the pier before mounting a 24-inch OTA to the Versa-Plate.
  • Remove the counterweights when the Versa-Plate is fully loaded, and "let go".
  • Allow the Paramount mount to fall off of the pier, or get blown over by the wind, or run into it in the dark.
  • Forget to close the trailer door and allow your Paramount to bounce down the highway.
  • Get into a car accident when transporting a Paramount mount when the mount is unboxed in the back seat.
  • Never plug a 120V AC power into any portion of the Paramount's 48 V DC electronics.
  • Run 120V AC power using the Paramount's though the mount cabling (especially using lamp cord).
  • Allow the Paramount to be exposed to excessive ESDs (especially a proximal lightning strike).
  • Hit your head on a counterweight that is attached to the counterweight shaft.
  • Drop a counterweight on your foot.

To name a few...

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Hilarious yet we know people (or are people) that have done some or all of those.

I have to add:

Don't slew the mount when anyone is nearby. I've personally been "counterweighted" in the knees and "nether regions" on more than one occasion.  It's painful.  This may be a variation of the second bullet point, but I think you need to yell "Clear!" before slewing and homing.

We also added orange hockey balls to certain protrusions - for visibility and less impact damage. This may just be a Canadian thing.

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By email 2018-05-08 00:33Z (How do I reply to a post on the Software Bisque Forum?):

John Harrington:

Thanks everyone for your responses!  Some epic warnings, for sure.  I will go forward with due care.

Clear skies,


Brian S. Rickard
Software Bisque, Inc.

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