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Software conflict

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John Harris NS5Y Posted: 05-30-2018 6:45 PM

Just installed and reinstalled TheSky Serious for the second time and got shut down again.   Malwarebytes is shutting down TheSkyX and quarantining the software, forcing a reboot of my Dell 2 in 1 laptop.   What should I do now?

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Uninstall Malwarebytes and any other virus scanner that was bundled with your computer and just use Windows Defender. You’d be suprised how much CPU capacity these after market virus scanners eat up. 

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Is the problem occurring when running the installer, or the application? Is there an explanation of why Malwarebytes is blocking it?

Per this Malwarebytes document, you might try adding a malware exclusion for TheSkyX.

Brian S. Rickard
Software Bisque, Inc.

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Thanks, Brian.   I did just that.  I added an exclusion for TheSkyX in Malwarebytes and so far no more crashes.   The crashes occurred while running the SkyX program, not during installation.   Thanks for the quick reply.

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Thanks, Charles.  I have added an exception in Malwarebytes and everything seems to work well now.   I try to use the core anti-virus and malware scanners and not the full suites which just eat of tons of resources.   Thanks for your suggestions.

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