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Paramount MX+ Questions

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Peter Lawlor Posted: 07-26-2018 1:30 PM

I have a permanent Obs and Pier. I use TheSkyX Professional with Dome, T-Point, and Camera Add-on. I am seriously considering buying the Paramount MX+ to replace my CGE Pro and have some questions about remote control.

Once it is polar aligned and then aligned to sky, how does the MX+ power up? Can I wake the mount up remotely via TheSkyX? Can I send it to a home position and then put it back into hibernation remotely via TheSkyX. These are things I cannot do with my CGE Pro.



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You turn the mount on and off remotely using a Digital Loggers web power switch, or a device like it. That’s pretty much the practice. Just leave the power switch on the mount turned on. 

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Peter Lawlor:
I am seriously considering buying the Paramount MX+ to replace my CGE Pro

Astronomy wise, one of the best things you can do!!

Peter Lawlor:
how does the MX+ power up?

Power switch, you can plug the brick into a Digital logger web switch and control the power via the net.  One of our mounts we mostly leave on 24/7, in that case you do nothing but start imaging as it wont lose its position once homed and the power stays on.

Our other mounts we do power cycle with the web switch, home and go.



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Hi Peter,


A remotely operated power switch like this may be needed for remote power control to the mount.

You can configure the mount to automatically find the home position on connection with TheSkyX. 

Not sure what you mean by "hibernation" so I'll leave that one alone.



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Hi Peter,

If I understand your questions correctly, then yes you can wake up(power up) your MX+ remotely and home the mount. Once your mount has been homed you can resume slewing around the sky just like you had never turned off your mount. (Assuming you built and saved your T-Point model and did not disturb the placement of your mount.) I remotely power my MX+ up using an X-10 module which has a surge protector plugged into it. Others use a Digital Loggers power strip where you can power up individual components in sequence if you prefer. All you have to do is leave your MX+ power switch turned on and restore power through one of the many devices which allow you to turn power on and off remotely. (Check out Wemo too. It works as well, but only through an app on your phone the last time I checked.)

Once you activate the power to be turned on, X-10 module in my case, your mount will be ready to connect to TSX. As long as your remote power strip is scriptable then you can write a script that will power everything up, connect to TSX, Home the mount, and park again until you are ready for your imaging session. I have my mount in a permanent observatory located in my backyard, but it could be 1,000 miles away and I’d be able to image remotely with no issues as long as I do not need to make any physical changes like putting on a new telescope etc. Hopefully that helps with your questions.


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