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Is my MKS5000 board damaged? if so, do I still have warranty?

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Gregory Ojakangas Posted: 07-31-2018 4:09 PM


I have been VERY slowly getting an observatory ready on my property.  It has been many months since I worked on it last.

A new problem has arisen recently.  When trying to access the Paramount, I now do not get any connection.  Here are the symptoms:

* while trying different things, sometimes I get "could not access communications port.  Port is either in use by another application or not recognized by the system.  Error=201"

* When I  go to connect to the Paramount, and go to settings, nothing resembling "MKS5000" or "Paramount" or similar appears.  All I see is a long list of COM1, COM2, COM3, ..., and the only descriptor is "communications port" to the right of "COM1".

* "unknown USB device.  Device descriptor request failed" appears when I go to settings>hardware

* I installed the MKS5000 driver on another computer (with SkyX on it) with a different USB cable and I get the same problems.

* Also, when plugging in the USB cable, and windows tries to identify it,  I have gotten a message saying something like " unable to connect, USB device malfunctioned", and "no driver installed"  ( I think those happen together but did not write it down....

* the Paramount makes two short beeps when powered on, lower followed by higher pitch.

* RA and DEC are green, but other light is solid purple I believe.....

Do these symptoms indicate a damaged MKS5000 board?  If so, is it hard to replace?  Is it under warranty at all, if so?  Cost? 

thank you very much.....Greg Ojakangas


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For starters, please see Troubleshooting USB Communication Failures.

Gregory Ojakangas:
* the Paramount makes two short beeps when powered on, lower followed by higher pitch.

Sounds right. Like this?

Gregory Ojakangas:
Do these symptoms indicate a damaged MKS5000 board?

Possibly, but please go through the troubleshooting steps linked above to rule out other possibilities.

Gregory Ojakangas:
If so, is it hard to replace?

Not very difficult: see our Paramount GEM MKS 5000 Replacement Instructions for an idea of what's involved.

Gregory Ojakangas:
Is it under warranty at all, if so?  Cost?

See our Warranty and Product Return Procedures for warranty details. If it isn't covered by warranty, a replacement MKS 5000 board is presently USD $800, which includes a $400 security deposit that is refunded if, and when, you return to us the problematic MKS 5000 board.

Brian S. Rickard
Software Bisque, Inc.

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