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steve Johnston Posted: 08-22-2018 6:57 AM

I have been running my system with Sky 6 pro and considering an upgrade. Win 10 does not like sky 6 or is it the other way round. Should l go for the serious astro x or the pro x. Do either able to add your own objects as in sky 6 pro and l have t point. Can this be used with either serious or pro x. My main interests are cv,s yso stars etc...



Steve Johnston 

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steve Johnston:
Win 10 does not like sky 6 or is it the other way round.

In what way, exactly? TheSky6 runs fine on my Windows 10 computer, and those of many others.

Even so, we’d recommend that you upgrade to the significant advances of the modern TheSkyX. To continue enjoying the benefits of TPoint with this version, you’d need to upgrade to the TPoint Add On, which works with both the Serious Astronomer and Professional Editions. Because of your interest in particular star types, I think the Professional Edition will serve you best, however you could try Serious and later upgrade to Pro for the difference in cost, should you decide to. Both allow adding objects and the creation of new object databases.

I’ll also mention that both editions include a 90-day free trial of the TPoint Add On, so you could wait to do that particular upgrade.

See Upgrade Eligibility.

Brian S. Rickard
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