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PMX Error 213: poor comminucation connection

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baudat Posted: 08-27-2018 12:43 PM

I have a recurrent problem with my PMX and sky X professional (version 10.5.0 build 10305).

I lose the USB communication with the PMX (Error 203: unable to connect with device) after some time, say between 20 minutes to more than 6 hours, with an average around 2 hours.

I tried different USB cables, as short possible (below 15'), but this doe snot change the behavior.

it used to work fine with the same laptop, but since this intermittent error is happening for more than a year now I decided to replace my laptop with a new one, yet same results (after reinstalling everything from scratch).

I run windows 7 professional version 6.1.7601, build 7601, service pack 1.

I disabled the USB suspend options in power management, but I still have the issue.

I can certainly can install yet another TSX daily build, but since this is a long lasting problem I doubt that it would do any good.

I read that some version of the TSX had the option of changing the "sensitivity" on the USB communication, some kind of error count, or time out. Is there any option to do this in my case?

At that stage I cannot use my PMX anymore.



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Did you verify that USB Selective Suspend is turned off on the USB Root Hubs as well? Many folks miss that.

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Not sure, good question.

I used the Windows 7 USB suspend option (advanced power management) for all USB at once. I understand that you could also do this at the USB port level, on port a t the time.

I was under the impression that if you do it for all at once, it would do so, but maybe I missed some thing.

How do you check and to this?


By the way I forgot to provide information on TSX version:

10.5.0 build 11587

I understand that should be the latest build.

Also the PMX mount motor firmware version is 5.14.2 and the I/O version is 5.6.2.

I checked that the USB driver for the PMX (USB to serial chip) is update by download the latest version form SB.

During th einstalaltion I was told that it is the latest one already and it seems working correctly.







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No, it doesn't work that way... it should, but it doesn't.

Go into the Windows Device Manager.  Right click the devices, and check their properties.

You might want to View Devices by Connection, and then look though the PC hardware till you find the USB ports.

Something like:

ACPI x64-based PC --- PCI Express Root Complex -- Intel Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller -- USB Root Hub

Check the Properties -- Power Management on all the Root Hubs, and all hubs and devices underneath.

Make sure it is set to [ ] Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.  (e.g. DO NOT ALLOW).


Good luck.


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Dear Colin,


Thank you.




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I get  device error 203 in TheSky from my Paramount ME to win10 Eagle remote computer.  I changed cables. No help.  It worked before but cuts out intermittently with the disconnect.  How do I fix this?  I also have a tracking error I have not been able to fix over a year.  How much do you charge to do the mount review?

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