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MyT and MX+ sideral tracking noise

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Carl Posted: 09-01-2018 6:51 PM

Today I got a presentation and hands-on with the MyT here in Germany to help me decide whether this mount suits my needs, and I was amazed with its capabilities. From a function and capabilities point of view I am ready to go.

But we encountered one limitation for my intended use: The sideral tracking rattling noise and resonance, which can be heart even 5-10 meters away from the mount. From the comments and the videos here in the site I understand it is normal both for the MyT and MX+ and this normally isn't an issue when used in the field.

Due to space limitations my private observatory is quite close to the sleeping room windows of our and the neighbours houses. From my experience with similar low frequency noise I know it can disturb people trying sleep with open windows during summer. I already had to change other hardware because this happened.

Is there any solution for this problem? Can a custom dampening modification be ordered for the mount?



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Thanks for your interest in the Paramount mounts.

  • Here's sample audio for the sound emitted by a gear-driven Paramount mount when slewing during the homing process.  There's no way to prevent or suppress these sounds.
  • The sounds emitted by the DC-servo motors (see this example recording) are the results of the mount's position is updated at 3333 Hz.  This ensures the Paramount achieve optimal pointing and tracking performance.  
  • Paramount mounts are used at star parties, in outdoor observatories and other venues across the globe, and these these sounds are typically tolerable. 

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My MX+ does have a very faint "purring" sound but that definitely can not be heard 1 meter, let alone 5 meters from the mount.  The sound does change a touch when I put the dew shield on the SCT.  Seems like something else mounted on the mount is rattling.

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I have owned a MyT for over three years, and I would have to put my head a few inches from the worm block to be able to hear the sound of the mount tracking.. there's no way you can hear it 5-10 meters away.

Whatever you are hearing at that distance its not the mount tracking.

FWIW, the Paramounts are some of the quietest mounts made.

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Dear Daniel,

thank you for you resonse. My supplier was now able to tune the mount to produce only half the noise while tracking by adjusting some things inside the motor housing. I will get the exact details when I pick up my ordered MyT this friday.

He told me that the tracking noise was caused by resonance at the motor housing wall, caused by a vibration transfer from the motor to the wall (via the coupling over the worm, bearing, holder, etc. between motor and housing).

His MyT is a newer one, probably in produced 2017 or 2018.



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