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Through the mount cabling

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Chuck Posted: 10-08-2018 5:28 AM

i am just setting up my observatory with an MX+, PlaneWave CDK 125, and SBIG STXL-6303e.  There are three power supply and one USB cables that need to plug into an external USB hub.  Note: I am already taking advantage of the two USB outlets on the MX+.  Should I expect to be able to get the 4 remaining cables through the mount? Or, will I need to find a way to route a couple cables externally? 

I’m curious if I will impact the operation of the MX+ even if the cables do fit through the mount.  

If possible, I would like to discuss via phone. My number is 301-693-4401.

Thank you

Chuck Cynamon  

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You should consider instead using a single through-the-mount DC power source that is then distributed among the various devices from a point downstream of the Instrument Panel. If your combined needs don't exceed eight amps, you could probably use our generic Paramount External Power Cable Set without having to run any new cables through the mount. You might also find this post on the ampacity of the Paramount External Power Port and lead pairing helpful.

You can find a number of threads on our Paramount forums offering tips on distributed power (try this search, for instance). User Mitchell Tubbs has also made available a series of videos on power and data cable management (the third video deals most specifically with power management).

Brian S. Rickard
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