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Latitude Adjustment Wedge for MyT?

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Tertsi Posted: 10-31-2018 1:47 AM

MyT is designed to reach latitudes from 0 to 64 degrees. Is there a latitude adjustment wedge for MyT, if I wish to use it in 65 degrees?

I know that there is latitude wedge for MX+/ME/ME II (

Many thanks in advance for your replies!


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Thanks for considering the Paramount MYT!

Unfortunately, Software Bisque does not manufacture a latitude adjustment wedge for the Paramount MYT at this time. 

Let me check on the possibility of manufacturing this wedge.

if I wish to use it in 65 degree
What is your exact latitude?  If the observing latitude is within a few degrees of the maximum polar axis elevation, there are a few (perhaps less than ideal, but would achieve the goal) alternatives:

  • If the mount is attached to a tripod, one of the legs of the tripod can be shorted slightly to effectively raise the polar axis and allow the wedge to reach 65 degrees.   While the mount is not level in this case, TPoint can take care of any issues with respect to polar alignment (via the Accurate Polar Alignment feature), pointing, and tracking errors.
  • If the mount is attached to a pier, place a metal spacer (such as a washer) between the top of the pier mounting plate and the bottom of the mount to achieve the same result as described above.

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