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Mount suggestion request

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George C. Lutch Posted: 12-26-2018 12:01 PM

I currently have a Celestron 1100 Edge HD SCT with Hyperstar and ZWO ASI071MC camera as well as a 60mm guide scope and camera.  My question is which of your mounts would allow me to get reliable tracking for Astrophotography using the aforementioned equipment?

George C. Lutch

Paramount MyT

Explore Scientific FCD100 ED127

Celestron Edge HD 1100


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The gear you listed probably has a total mass in the neighborhood of 15 kg (33 lb.). The maximum recommended payload capacity of the Paramount MYT is 23 kg (50 lb.), so you'd still have lots of capacity for extras. While I don't think you'd need it, our other models offer even higher payload capacities. All are capable of extremely accurate, reliable tracking.

Brian S. Rickard
Software Bisque, Inc.

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I use MYT with C11-HD at prime focus (f/10) and >10 lb EMCCD camera and 50mm aux scope+ZWO; all with good results.

The MYT tripod-pier is very compact and light weight; good for traveling to remote sites.  But stability with C11 at f/10 is problematic, especially in breezy conditions (often requiring a wind break).  It is probably OK for Hyperstar due to the extremely short FL and commensurately low angular resolution.  But don't expect too much from the tripod-pier, which was apparently designed for small refractors.  I usually use a heavy permanent pier set in cement.


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