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Board for my ME II

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Daniel Merrick Posted: 04-15-2019 6:08 PM

To Whom it may concern:

What board do I need for my MEII.

Does this system use the mks 4000 or the mks 5000.

I need to purchase a new board and I want to be sure I get the right one.




Dan Merrick

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Daniel Merrick:
What board do I need for my MEII.
The Paramount ME II uses the MKS 5000 PCB.


  • Start the MKS 5000 USB communication failure troubleshooting process here.
  • See this post for additional Mac-specific troubleshooting information.
  • If the troubleshooting steps all fail, please fill out an RMA Request Form and email it to the Front Desk to get the replacement process started. 

Here are additional MKS 5000 replacement links:

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