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Cannot update software...

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scyllio Posted: 02-13-2014 2:38 PM

Every way I try to update, contact or otherwise use your site, I get denied, told "Oh, that feature doesn't work any more", it is making me doubt my ongoing subscription (which I just renewed). 

1. The site tells me I should be automatically "registered" since I purchased my software "after 2009". However when attempting to locate the "latest" it says, don't have permission, go register. Let me tell you how utterly frustrating that is when ALL OTHER software does this smoothly. I could not imagine a more complicated and customer unfriendly (to be polite) way of doing it.

2. When trying to contact (a simple email would work). I cannot because that feature has been disabled?? Really your telling me you don't have a general email? That fact alone makes me seriously doubt your ability to provide basic support. Without basic support why should I remain a customer? Why should I not get my $30 renewal fee back? Especially since I cannot download the update it provides.

3. Your site is horribly organized. When it takes more than a few minutes to locate a simple update there is something wrong.

So how is it I can access the update to the software that its telling me is out there but I can't even see to tell for myself?

- Kelly Fuller

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Software Bisque Employee

Thank you for renewing your subscription.

Based on your account's Subscription page:, your subscription is current and your account has access to TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition for Mac installers and updates.  The TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition for Mac downloads are located on the Downloads page here:

When I sign into your account (using Firefox, IE 11, Safari and Chrome) I can access these files, so I'm confident that you can too.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.


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