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Case for MyT

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For those looking for a fitted case for the MyT


Consider HPRC 2700W fitted case for Software Bisque MyT

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Thank you, Wes. Your logic is impeccable. :). I decided to get the soft case after all. I don’t feel too bad having bought the Pelican case too, since it may come in handy for longer moves in the future.

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Steven, et al,

Here is some information on the foam insert I had made for my Pelican 1650. Please note I don’t wish to compete with SB, Tolga, or anyone else who have other solutions. I made this up before there were any commercially available alternatives.

I had the foam made at They did excellent work. I paid extra for their Failsafe Protection service in case I needed a do over. I did and they were great about it. Contact their customer service and refer to file #163291 or design name Failsafe 23755 for

Be sure to tell them you want the lid piece of the same material or they will send the softer foam. I also asked them to throw in some scraps in case I needed to make any modifications. They were happy to comply. I used some to add some support points under the mount head, which you should be able to see in the photos.  Good luck!


Bill R.

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Can you share the company info for the foam?

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Your question was in reply to this older post by Stargazer314, but did you not see his newer post above, in which he stated:

I had the foam made at

Be sure to check out that post, which includes additional details and suggestions.

Brian S. Rickard
Software Bisque, Inc.

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