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Sky 6 software

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Leon Fasano Posted: 12-27-2016 12:52 PM

Hello, I just finished getting Sky X Pro fully operational and talking with a Gemini 2 mount through Ethernet cabling. Works Great!.  Just to keep my other scope operational, for which I still have the Sky 6 operational on the computer. I tried reconnecting the GEM (Custom) mount thru MAESTRO, then to the sky 6, been using it this way flawless for many years.  this time, I turned on astrometrics software on the mount. then turned on laptop and turned on Maestro software thru a 4 pin com 4 port, just as I always do. Then turned on sky 6, leaving the telescope selection to Telescope API. then tried to connect. It picked a point in the sky that did not match where the Maestro software says the mount is pointed t. Also it says it is linked, but it will not slew to any location at all.  I also checked the status of Maestro connected to the SKY and it says it is not.

Im trying to figure out what changed.  DO you think when I uploaded the SKY X, that it corrupted the SKy 6? does it disable it somehow?  There are no other telescope selections in the SKY 6 that I can use for my custom GEM mount.  Been using sky 6 for 10 years with Astrometrics software on a custom mount. Any ideas?  Should I reload the Sky 6?




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See this statement by Astrometric Instruments (emphases mine):

"Maestro also supports Software Bisque's TeleAPI.dll interface. When Maestro is installed, a version of the TeleAPI.dll Bisque "interface" file that is specific to Maestro is installed in the \Program Files (x86)\Common Files\System folder on your harddisk. If TheSky is re-installed at a later date it will over-write this file with a version that is not compatible with Maestro. You can either re-install Maestro or directly copy the TeleAPI.dll file from here to the \Program Files (x86)\Common Files\System folder on your harddisk."

Further, have you considered using TheSkyX with both your mounts?

"Maestro supports Software Bisque's X2 interface for TheSkyX. When Maestro is installed, the X2 support files that are specific to Maestro are installed if the installer detects that TheSkyX is installed."

Either way, it seems to me that re-installing the Maestro software would be a good idea.

Brian S. Rickard
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From OP via private email:

"I ended up finding the driver, all is good, thanks."

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