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Brian Rickard Posted: 12-22-2017 7:14 PM | Locked

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TheSkyX Professional Edition software is not accepting the serial number provided with a Paramount Robotic Telescope Mount.


Congratulations on selecting a Paramount Robotic Telescope Mount!

Each mount is supplied with two serial numbers: one for the mount itself, and another for the included Paramount Software Suite. These are indicated on a serial number card, much like the sample one illustrated below:

Please note that a mount serial number cannot be used to activate software. If TheSkyX does not accept the serial number you're entering, confirm that you are using the software serial number, as indicated in yellow, above.

The Paramount Software Suite serial number can activate TheSkyX Professional Edition for any supported OS (Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspbian), as well as the TPoint Add On, Camera Add On and Multi-OS and Six License Add On. The serial number for a Paramount ME II Software Suite additionally activates the Dome Add On. (For further information on activating Add Ons, see How to Obtain, Activate and Update TheSkyX Add Ons.)

We highly recommend that both serial numbers be registered to your Software Bisque member account. Here are some of the benefits to registering:

  • Registering the software serial number provides a 12-month subscription to download-access to associated software installers, after which the subscription may optionally be renewed. (Note that a current subscription is not required to operate installed software, nor to use previously-obtained installers.)
  • Registering the mount serial number allows our staff to provide the most relevant technical support for your mount, should the need arise.

A printed copy of the Paramount Quick Start Guide is included with every Paramount, and is a useful resource for these and other "out of the box" issues.


  • Already had TheSkyX before getting the mount? If you've installed and activated TheSkyX Professional Edition with a different serial number, see Changing TheSkyX's Serial Number.


  • TheSkyX Professional Edition
  • Paramount ME
  • Paramount ME II
  • Paramount MX
  • Paramount MX+
  • Paramount MYT
  • Paramount Taurus 400
  • Paramount Taurus 500
  • Paramount Taurus 600


SBKB; Paramount; Paramount ME; Paramount ME II; Paramount MX; Paramount MX+; Paramount MYT; Paramount Taurus; Paramount Software Suite; TheSkyX Professional Edition; TPoint Add On; Camera Add On; Dome Add On

Last Reviewed: January 05, 2018

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