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Brian Rickard Posted: 12-23-2017 4:30 AM | Locked

Software Bisque Knowledge Base Article - 1246



You may wish to change the serial number used to activate an installation of TheSkyX Astronomy Software, such as in the following scenarios:

  • You upgraded to a higher edition from TheSkyX Student Edition or TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition, but when activating the new installation, entered the serial number of your lower edition.

  • You have an already-activated installation of TheSkyX Professional Edition, and now wish to use a new serial number that activates greater functionality (e.g. a Paramount Software Suite serial number, as provided with a Paramount Robotic Telescope Mount, or a Universal Subscription).

NOTE: Uninstalling and re-installing TheSkyX is not a solution, as this does not remove the activation details.


Here are two methods to effect a serial number change for TheSkyX.

Advantages — If your new serial number also provides Add Ons (e.g. it is for a Paramount Software Suite), those Add Ons will automatically be activated simultaneously with TheSkyX.
Disadvantages — Any customized settings in TheSkyX (e.g. window and toolbar positions, preferences, Sky documents, device selections, field-of-view indicators, observing lists, custom databases, TPoint data, etc.) will not be transferred.
  1. If running, close TheSkyX.
  2. Rename your current TheSkyX Application Support Files (ASF) folder, such as by adding the word "backup".
  3. Run TheSkyX and you'll be prompted to enter your name and (new) serial number.
  4. A new ASF folder will be automatically created with default settings.
Advantages — This will continue to use your current customized settings.
Disadvantages — If your new serial number also provides additional Add Ons (e.g. it is for a Paramount Software Suite), you'll need to activate each separately, as described in the Tips section, below.
  1. If running, close TheSkyX.
  2. Within your TheSkyX Application Support Files (ASF) folder, rename the AppSettings.ini file to something like "AppSettings backup.ini".
  3. Open this file in a text editor, such as Notepad on Windows, or TextEdit on Mac (use TextEdit's Format > Make Plain Text option).
  4. Look for the line that begins with APP_qsTheSkyXSerialNumber= and replace the value after the equals sign with your new serial number. Be careful to enter the number correctly, and keep everything else in this file unchanged.
  5. Save the modified contents as a new file named AppSettings.ini (in the same ASF folder).
  6. Run TheSkyX and verify your serial number registration information using the Help > About TheSkyX (Mac: TheSkyX > About TheSkyX) command.


  • The serial number for a software add-on can be edited from within TheSkyX. For the TPoint Add On, open the Telescope > TPoint Add On window and edit its serial number. For others, see "Activating the Camera Add On", "Activating the Dome Add On", or, for the Advanced Satellite Tracking Add On, follow the instructions provided with it.


  • TheSkyX Student Edition
  • TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition
  • TheSkyX Professional Edition


SBKB; serial number; TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition; TheSkyX Professional Edition

Last Reviewed: 2017-10-27

Brian S. Rickard
Software Bisque, Inc.

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