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GOTO scope - TheSky compatibility

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MOwen Posted: 02-19-2018 4:37 PM

I have an Orion XX14g GOTO with the SkyScan control system and need to know if it will work with TheSky Serious level software?  I checked the 'supported' list but did not see a specific reference to SkyScan.

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TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition and Professional Edition both support interfacing with the SynScan and SkyScan controllers (which are different names for the same device).

Brian S. Rickard
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I am looking to purchase the Skyx pro product for an iMAC with ethernet, thunderbolt and usb3 ports but following much confusion and non working alternative arrangements:

1.  Can you please definitively confirm that Skyx will reliably connect to an EQ6 Pro mount with the old type synscan controller that is not not flash updateable ( model 2 I believe) and does the connection use a cable, what type and from where to where ( does it plug into the mount or into the synscan hand controller) ?

2. Does your dome control option connect to a Pulsar dome with ASCOM compliant driver?

3. Does your Focusser option connect to a Baader Steel Drive focusser.

Thanks Apologies if you have answered these before.


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