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MyT question

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George C. Lutch Posted: 01-03-2019 12:50 PM

Does the MyT have encoders?

George C. Lutch

Paramount MyT

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All of our Paramount models have incremental shaft encoders on their motors. When the mount is turned on, it must be homed (a brief, automated process) before accepting a slew command; this means that the mount is accurately aware of its orientation (relative to itself) even at the start of a session. If the mount hasn't been moved (e.g. its polar alignment state changed) since the last time it was used, and if TheSkyX has an accurate time reference, then the mount should be ready to point as accurately as it previously was.

Some of our mount models (the Paramount ME II and fork-mounted Taurus models) additionally have absolute on-axis encoders, either as an option or standard equipment. These eliminate the homing process, and virtually eliminate periodic error in the tracking.

See this post (and following) for a brief explanation of the differences between incremental and absolute encoders, as well as motor/worm- versus on-axis-mounting.

Brian S. Rickard
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