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descyr Posted: 03-10-2019 11:33 AM

Just install new Windows 10 update.  I am no longer able to connect my Apogee Aspen CG16M usinf The Sky Pro, CAMERA.  the error=215 appear.  I first check the USB cable connected directly from the CG16M USB port to my IPC3 computer, it did not work.  I then tried 3 different cables with the same result.  I closed the IPC3 and restarted it  several time with the same result: ERROR = 215.  I tried reintallint the Appogee drivers, same results. 

 The SKY X Version is: 10.5.0 (Build 12034)

CPU: PC Intel core i7-7500U @2.70GHz 2.90GHz;  device ID 50314CE5-59BA-4203-8EA6BF0A589DF68D; Product ID: 0030-71350-19310-AAOEM; 64 bit Operating System, x64- base processor.

Windows 10 pro: Version 1809 installed on 2019-03-09; OS build 17763.348

Can you help me resolve my problem?


Thank you for your prompt reply


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Hello, I have a connection problem I cannot find an answer or solution for.  There is an error code :  NO CONNECTION TO THE DEVICE. ERROR = 215.

The camera I am trying to connect is an APOGEE ASPEN CG16M

The SKY X Version is 10.5.0 (Build 12034)

Windows 10 Pro version: 1809  Installed on 2019-03-09, OS build: 17763.348

Observatory PC: IPC3 intel core i7-7500U

Can you help me figure out what is the problem and what is the solution to connect my camera through The SKY PRO.

Device Manager shows the Apogee Aspen is connected as whell as for Software Bisque MKS 5000 

Thank you for your prompt response






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See here.

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