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Software Bisque Paramount MX Permanent Pier

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hippyfoo Posted: 05-08-2019 11:58 AM

Does the purchase of the pier contain the appropriate bolts to mount or is there recommendation on what type of bolts to use(size and length and grade of stainless steel J bolts that should be used for the concrete footing for proper weight handling)?

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No, bolts for mounting the pier are not included with it. The thread containing this post, as well as the others linked within that post, should provide some good pier installation suggestions.

Brian S. Rickard
Software Bisque, Inc.

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and grade of stainless steel J bolts
Software Bisque always defers to the professional engineer (PE) who designed the pier, as well as to local permitting, engineering, and building code requirements. 

That said, there are several methods by which a Software Bisque permanent pier (powder-coated steel) can physically attached to an existing mounting base:

  • If the base will be constructed from concrete, four galvanized or zinc-plated steel 8-inch long, 3/4-inch bent anchor bolts (aka J-bolts) can be attached to a plywood template made to match the base of the pier and sunk into the wet concrete.  Make sure to determine true north or south appropriately first.  See this article for the most reliable means to accomplish this task. 
  • For an existing concrete pier that is sufficiently large, use a hammer drill with expansion anchors or anchors captivated with epoxy (example video).  See this related thread and this thread for more information.
  • For an existing pier with existing anchors, consider attaching the Paramount MX Base to Pier Adaptor Plate.
  • This document describes all of the Paramount to pier and to tripod options.

I hope this helps.

Daniel R. Bisque

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thanks, very helpful

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