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X2 Camera Driver

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seantib Posted: 06-27-2019 4:44 PM


I am currently writing an X2 driver for a Mako Gig-E camera, and have been able to "wire-up" most of the necessary connections between TheSkyX and the Mako C++ API. I am stuck at one point and hope y'all will be able to help.

When pulling an image off of a Mako camera from the API, it eventually will return an unsigned character pointer with the image information (e.g. a character array of values 0-255). The camera takes images in the Mono8 format. Currently I am using the Readout Line setup, which I notice has several inputs:

(const enumCameraIndex& Cam, const enumWhichCCD& CCD, const int& nWidth, const int& nHeight, const int& nMemWidth, unsigned char* pMem)


I understand the first two inputs (Cam, CCD) do not need to be adjusted, but do the other ones? I noticed that pMem is an Unsigned Char* as well, so I set


pMem = m_pImage;

where m_pImage is my unsigned char* which holds the image data. When loading TheSkyX, the resulting image produced (yes, it somehow gets an image), is black, and all pixels hold a value of zero, when they should be nonzero.


Is this set up correctly? The Mako GigE is a CCD device, but the API does not use internal storage of the camera, just in case X2 tries to look for that.

If needed I can upload the code, just let me know!



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