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Paramount User Guide
The Paramount ME II, Paramount MX and Paramount MX+ User Guide, Revision 1.76. See Appendix E: Revision...
09-12-2014 2,637 3
Paramount MX+ Exercise Video
This video shows two Paramount MX+ Robotic Telescope Mounts exercising in the Software Bisque R&D...
09-10-2014 7 0
Paramount ME II/MX+ Worm Block Replacement Instructions
Instructions for replacing the Paramount ME II and Paramount MX+ worm blocks. Revision 1.1.
08-14-2014 42 0
TPoint Add On User Guide
Revision 1.56 The TPoint Add On User Guide for TheSkyX Professional Edition and Serious Astronomer...
07-18-2014 5,074 0
ScriptTheSkyX Documentation and Examples
Contains the documentation and examples of how to script TheSkyX Professional Edition for Mac and...
07-11-2014 1,605 1
Paramount Quick Start Guide
Please read the Paramount Quick Start Guide Revision 1.3 before installing TheSkyX Professional...
06-20-2014 451 0
X2 Standard Documentation
Link to the X2 Standard documentation
05-22-2014 67 0
Paramount ME Homing Sensor Replacement and Troubleshooting
Link to technical document for troubleshooting homing sensor issues, and replacement instructions...
05-22-2014 23 0
WiSky Installation and Use Instructions
This document describes how to install the WiSky unit into the MKS 5000 control system, and configure...
04-30-2014 143 0
WiSky Installation Instruction Video
This video shows how to install the WiSky board on the MKS 5000 for Paramount wireless (Wi-Fi) mount...
04-18-2014 225 0
Paramount ME MKS 5000 Installation Instructions
This document includes instructions for removing the Paramount ME MKS 4000 control system and installing...
04-15-2014 185 0
X2 Examples
Version 1.18 This file contains the X2 examples. The examples demonstrate how to write TheSkyX drivers...
04-04-2014 723 0
Software Bisque Classic Logo (TIF)
Software Bisque's classic logo in TIFF format.
03-20-2014 162 0
TheSkyX First Light Edition User Guide
TheSkyX First Light Edition User Guide Revision 1.0.5 (PDF Format) This document is in Portable...
02-19-2014 614 0
Autoguiding with TheSkyX Pro Camera Add On
This video demonstrates autoguiding (and dithering) using TheSkyX Professional Edition's Camera...
01-13-2014 559 0
Autoguider Calibration with TheSkyX Pro Camera Add On
This video demonstrates autoguider calibration using TheSkyX Professional Edition's Camera Add...
01-10-2014 575 0
Paramount ME II Large Dovetail Installation and Use
This document describes how to install and use the optional Paramount ME II Large Dovetail accessory...
12-09-2013 267 0
Paramount MX Belt Tension
This video shows helpful tips to ensure the tension on the Paramount MX is correct.
11-20-2013 35 0
TheSkyX Professional and Serious Astronomer Edition User...
Revision 2.9 The latest documentation for TheSkyX Professional Edition and TheSkyX Serious Astronomer...
11-14-2013 12,233 7
Paramount ME/ME II Wedge Adjustment Plate Technical Drawing
The Paramount ME/ME II Latitude Adjustment Wedge is designed so that the Paramount ME or Paramount...
11-06-2013 59 0
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