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TheSky (All Editions)

Name Date Downloads Comments
Updated Washington Double Star Catalog
The Washington Double Star Catalog Last Updated: March 12 2018 Changes: Cleaned up the field assignment...
12-15-2017 156 0
Ascom2XMount Adapter Installer
Version 6.1 Installs the Ascom to TheSkyX mount adapter (read as: Ascom to X mount adaptor ). Please...
12-01-2015 6,751 0
OpenAL Installer
OpenAL installer for TheSkyX.
05-20-2015 2,213 0
Double Double Companion Stars
This Sky Database contains two companion stars to the Double Double in Lyra.
11-30-2010 751 0
Astronomical League's Deep Sky Binocular Program SDB
A Sky Database (SDB) of deep sky objects for the Astronomical League Binocular Deep Sky List certificate...
01-10-2013 731 0
Torrey Pines Preserve
Located in San Diego, CA, this panorama was taken along the bike path. In the distance you can see...
03-16-2013 614 2
Tycho-2 Supplemental Stars 1 and 2 for TheSkyX
This SDB contains additional stars from the Tycho-2 catalog that are not distributed with TheSkyX...
12-15-2017 157 0
Tycho-2 WDS Supplemental stars
Last Updated: January 10th 2017 Changes: Fixed the miss spelled name of the SDB to Supplemental...
12-15-2017 150 0
Sky Database "Going Deep - Sky and Telescope March...
Related Links: Carbon Stars Sky and Telescope Carbon Stars a list from Eagle Creek Observatory Abell...
01-30-2018 106 0
Arp Peculiar Galaxies - 2018
This zip file contains two Sky Databases (SDB's) with the objects "Arp Peculiar Galaxies"...
02-01-2018 97 0
Hickson Compact Galaxies
VII/213 Hickson's Compact groups of Galaxies (Hickson+ 1982-1994 Related Links Arp Peculiar...
02-02-2018 81 0
Abell Planetary Nebulae SDB (Sky Database)
This file contains the commonly referenced 86 " Abell Planetary Nebulae" . See the article...
02-05-2018 85 0
Bakich top 10 Lamest Deep-Sky names
The 10 lamest deep-sky object names To install: Download and unzip the files in this archive into...
02-08-2018 47 0
Sky and Telescope - Carbon Stars Will Make You See Red
Carbon Stars Will Make You See Red By: Bob King December 3, 2014 Related Links: Carbon Stars a list...
02-12-2018 55 0
59 Best Doubles in Pisces - Eagle Creek Observatory
Eagle Creek Observatory 59 Best Double Stars in Pisces. To install: Download and unzip the files...
02-12-2018 45 0
Fishing for Doubles in Pisces - Sky and Telescope
Fishing for Double Stars in Pisces - A Parade of Doubles By: Bob King | November 15, 2017 Related...
02-12-2018 52 0
Eagle Creek Observatory - Carbon Stars
A list of Carbon Stars (AKA Red) from Eagle Creek Observatory To install: Download and unzip the...
02-13-2018 45 0
General Catalog of Variable Stars V 5.1 - update
Updated General Catalog of Variable Stars version 5.1 Related Links: Washington Double Stars update...
02-13-2018 56 0
Atlas and Catalog of Dark Clouds (Dobashi+, 2005)
Galactic Nebulae Dark Nebulae and Clumps To install: Download and unzip the files in this archive...
02-13-2018 62 0
Revised Bologna Catalog of M31 clusters, V.5 (Galleti+ 2012...
To install: Download and unzip the files in this archive into the SDBs folder of TheSkyX's Application...
02-14-2018 74 0
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