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Name Date Downloads Comments
Paramount ME User Guide
Paramount ME User Guide Revision 1.79. Revision Notes 1.79 Revised the Quick Polar Alignment Procedure...
09-14-2012 6,091 19
TheSkyX Professional and Serious Astronomer Edition User...
Revision 6.6 This document is the latest revision of TheSkyX Professional and Serious Astronomer...
05-02-2019 27,674 7
Paramount ME MKS 5000 Upgrade Installation Instructions
This document includes instructions for removing the Paramount ME MKS 4000 control system and installing...
04-15-2014 1,124 6
Paramount Portable Power using the EGO Battery
This document describes how to use the EGO Battery to Paramount Power Adaptor to power the Paramount...
02-17-2015 783 6
MKS 4000 USB Driver Installer
Download and run this setup application to install the latest MKS 4000 USB drivers. The MKS 4000...
05-09-2018 5,030 5
CCDSoft Version 5 User Guide
CCDSoft Version 5 User Guide Revision 1.11 (PDF format) This document is in Portable Document Format...
04-30-2009 590 3
Paramount ME Homing Sensor Replacement and Troubleshooting
Instructions for troubleshooting, accessing and replacing the Paramount ME homing sensors. Click...
08-10-2009 1,150 2
Torrey Pines Preserve
Located in San Diego, CA, this panorama was taken along the bike path. In the distance you can see...
03-16-2013 855 2
Paramount MX Instrument Panel Technical Drawing
Paramount MX Instrument Panel Technical Drawing.
04-21-2011 752 2
Paramount MX Logo
The Paramount MX logo. Copyright 2015 Software Bisque, Inc. All rights reserved.
03-31-2015 851 2
Paramount MYT Tripod User Guide
Paramount MYT Tripod User Guide Revision 1.4.
11-07-2018 684 2
Powered by TheSkyX Pro Logo
Use this logo to indicate TheSkyX Professional Edition powers your observatory.
04-24-2018 273 2
Paramount ME II Counterweight 1.875 in. Extension Bar Technical...
Technical drawing of the 1.875 in. Paramount ME II Counterweight Shaft Extension Bar. Revision B...
02-20-2013 193 2
Paramount MYT Unpacking Instructions
Each Paramount has unpacking instructions taped to the inside of the shipping box. This is the full...
12-11-2014 203 2
Paramount ME II SolidWorks eDrawing
Paramount ME II, Virtually The Paramount ME II is designed using SolidWorks 3D CAD software. And...
09-28-2012 872 1
Paramount ME/ME II/MX/MX+ Permanent Pier Top Plate Technical...
Click the Download link on the right side of the page to view the Paramount ME/ME II/MX/MX+ Permanent...
04-06-2011 998 1
TheSky for iPhone Screen Capture
TheSky for iOS Screen Capture.
06-25-2015 638 1
Paramount Software Suite Quick Start Guide
Please read the Paramount Quick Start Guide Revision 2.0 before installing TheSkyX Professional...
07-12-2018 1,829 1
Paramount ME II Simplified SolidWorks Model
The Paramount ME II is designed using SolidWorks 3D CAD software. This simplified model will let...
04-17-2013 253 1
Paramount MYT Versa-Plate Technical Drawing
The Paramount MYT Versa-Plate, included with the Paramount MYT, can be used to mount a variety of...
10-21-2014 337 1
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