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Name Date Downloads Comments
MKS 4000 Serial Port Utility Application
This zip file contains the mkser.exe version 2.3 that can be used to access and set many low-level...
02-11-2011 1,088 0
MKS 4000 Motor Firmware Version 2.8.6
MKS 4000 Firmware Version 2.8.6. The Paramount ME/MX Hand Controller is compatible with the Paramount...
08-22-2011 1,159 0
Double Double Companion Stars
This Sky Database contains two companion stars to the Double Double in Lyra.
11-30-2010 898 0
Astronomical League's Deep Sky Binocular Program SDB
A Sky Database (SDB) of deep sky objects for the Astronomical League Binocular Deep Sky List certificate...
01-10-2013 864 0
Paramount MYT Counterweight Shaft Drawing
Paramount MYT counterweight shaft technical drawing including dimensions, threads, weights, and...
10-21-2014 108 0
Paramount Quick Start Guide
Click the Download button to go to the Paramount Quick Start Guide page.
12-04-2014 262 0
Paramount MYT Unpacking Instructions
Each Paramount has unpacking instructions taped to the inside of the shipping box. This is the full...
12-11-2014 193 0
Paramount MYT Pier Adaptor Plate
The Paramount MYT Adaptor plate can be used to mount the Paramount MYT to some existing piers and...
12-19-2014 804 0
Paramount Pier Adaptor Options
These tables help to determine the required adaptor plate for your Paramount setup along with links...
01-20-2015 112 0
Paramount Delrin Plunger Adjustment
The rotating base of the Paramount employs Delrin plungers that result in smooth and uniform rotation...
02-27-2015 239 0
Shortcut to the Paramount MYT Specifications
Shortcut to the Paramount MYT Specifications (PDF) The original document is here .
03-02-2015 304 0
Shortcut to the Paramount Pier Adaptor Plate Options Document
Use this document to determine which adaptor plate is right for your setup. This is a shortcut to...
03-30-2015 263 0
Paramount Azimuth Adjuster and Anchor Replacement Procedure
This document describes how to properly adjust the Paramount's azimuth polar azimuth and how...
04-24-2015 265 0
Shortcut to the WiSky Installation Instructions and Use...
Shortcut to the MKS 5000 WiSky installation instructions and use for the Paramount ME II, Paramount...
04-24-2015 56 0
Paramount MYT Unpacking Procedure (PDF)
This document is included inside the Paramount MYT shipping box, and contains important "out...
05-11-2015 244 0
Paramount Homing Sensor Troubleshooting and Installation...
This page provides a shortcut to the Paramount Homing Sensor Cable Installation Instructions PDF...
09-01-2015 49 0
Link to the Paramount ME II/MX+/MYT Worm Block Replacement...
This is a link to the instructions for replacing the Paramount ME II, Paramount MX+ and Paramount...
10-01-2015 110 0
Paramount MYT Tripod Extension Tube Installation
This document describes how to install the Paramount MYT Tripod Extension Tube.
10-02-2015 137 0
Shortcut to the Paramount GEM MKS 5000 Replacement Instructions
This is a shortcut to the Paramount GEM MKS 5000 Replacement Instructions document. The original...
10-26-2015 52 0
Link to the Paramount MYT Worm Block Adjustments PDF
This is a link to the Paramount ME II, Paramount MX+, and Paramount MYT worm block adjustment document...
12-22-2015 142 0
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