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Name Date Downloads Comments
Seeker User Guide
Seeker for Mac and Windows User Guide Revision 1.0.6 This document is in Portable Document Format...
05-20-2009 507 2
Paramount ME II/MX/MX+/MYT Worm Block Replacement Instructions
Instructions for replacing the worm blocks on Paramount MYT, Paramount MX, Paramount MX+ and Paramount...
11-17-2016 505 0
TheSky for iPhone Screen Capture
TheSky for iOS Screen Capture.
06-25-2015 495 1
TheSky HD Screen Capture on iPad
TheSkyX HD screen capture that includes an iPad.
05-19-2015 493 0
TheSky HD Screen Capture
Screen capture of TheSky HD on an iPad.
05-19-2015 481 0
Shortcut to Software Bisque Product Logos
This is a shortcut to the Software Bisque product logos downloads page. Click the Downloads link...
05-27-2015 477 0
Paramount ME II Logo
The Paramount ME II logo. Copyright 2015 Software Bisque, Inc. All rights reserved.
03-31-2015 473 0
Paramount ME II Photo
Paramount ME II carrying a 0.4m (20-inch) Officina Stellare OTA. Copyright 2015 Software Bisque...
03-31-2015 473 0
Paramount ME Versa-Plate Revision B Technical Drawing
The Paramount ME Versa-Plate Revision B is included with Paramount ME's shipped after (approximately...
02-11-2011 473 0
Downloading, Installing and Running TheSkyX Pro for Mac
This document provides a step-by-step instructions to download, install and run TheSkyX Professional...
12-12-2014 473 0
The Great American Eclipse Coming August 2017
Join Software Bisque in Casper, Wyoming on August 21, 2017 to experience the total solar eclipse...
08-09-2016 470 0
Paramount Logo (Generic)
Generic logo for the Paramount Robotic Telescope Mount. (c) 2015 Software Bisque, Inc. All rights...
05-27-2015 458 0
Paramount MYT Base Dimensions and Specifications
The Paramount MYT has a square footprint hole pattern for mounting to a pier or tripod, however...
11-03-2014 453 4
Paramount MYT Logo
The Paramount MYT logo. Copyright 2015 Software Bisque, Inc. All rights reserved.
03-31-2015 446 0
Paramount ME/ME II/MX Heavy Duty Wedge to Pier Adaptor Plate
The Paramount ME ME II MX Heavy Duty Wedge to Pier Adaptor Plate optional accessory, sold separately...
05-08-2018 427 0
Shortcut to the TPoint Getting Started Video
This is a shortcut to the TPoint Getting Started video. The original video is here .
05-03-2017 424 0
Paramount Audible Control System Feedack
This is a recording of the sounds the Paramount emits after being turned on. At 2 seconds, the power...
10-12-2012 417 0
TheSkyX Pro TPoint Add On Quick Start Guide
This document describes how to get started using the TPoint Add On in TheSkyX Professional Edition...
05-03-2017 406 0
Shortcut to the Paramount ME/ME II/MX/MX+ Permanent Pier...
The Software Bisque Paramount ME-compatible Permanent Pier Top Plate Revision B can be used for...
03-15-2011 396 0
Paramount ME II Versa-Plate
Paramount ME II Versa-Plate, included with the Paramount ME II, can be used to mount a variety of...
03-08-2013 393 0
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