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Name Date Downloads Comments
Paramount OTA Ring and Taurus OTA Installation Instructions
This document describes how to attach a variety of telescopes to the Paramount Taurus equatorial...
01-17-2018 246 0
Paramount ME Southern Hemisphere Setup
Setting up the Paramount (ME or GT-1100S) for use in the Southern Hemisphere (PDF Format). This...
04-30-2009 246 0
Paramount MYT Unpacking Procedure (PDF)
This document is included inside the Paramount MYT shipping box, and contains important "out...
05-11-2015 244 0
Paramount ME II Simplified SolidWorks Model
The Paramount ME II is designed using SolidWorks 3D CAD software. This simplified model will let...
04-17-2013 241 1
Paramount Delrin Plunger Adjustment
The rotating base of the Paramount employs Delrin plungers that result in smooth and uniform rotation...
02-27-2015 239 0
Paramount ME Declination Gear Replacement
This "high-level" document describes the procedure to replace a damaged Paramount ME declination...
06-11-2012 238 0
Paramount GT-1100S User Guide
Paramount GT-1100S User Guide Revision 0.96.
05-05-2009 236 0
TheSky Pocket Edition Download Instructions
TheSky Pocket Edition Download Instructions (PDF Format) This document is in Portable Document Format...
04-30-2009 234 0
Fishing for Doubles in Pisces - Sky and Telescope
Fishing for Double Stars in Pisces - A Parade of Doubles By: Bob King | November 15, 2017 Related...
02-12-2018 234 0
Paramount Quick Polar Alignment Procedure
Richard S. Wright, Jr. demonstrates how to polar align the Paramount MX mount (a.k.a. the "Quick...
10-29-2014 234 0
Eagle Creek Observatory - Carbon Stars
Related Links: Abell Planetary Nebulae - 85 Planetaries Astronomy Magazine Arp Peculiar Galaxies...
02-13-2018 228 0
59 Best Doubles in Pisces - Eagle Creek Observatory
Eagle Creek Observatory 59 Best Double Stars in Pisces. To install: Download and unzip the files...
02-12-2018 223 0
William Herschel Double Stars
William Herschel's Double Stars The data found in the SDB is taken from the Washington Double...
03-13-2018 219 0
SAO Catalog and TheSky Pocket Edition
Using the SAO Catalog Stellar Database with TheSky Pocket Edition (PDF Format) This document is...
04-30-2009 209 0
The 1979 Isolated Triplets of Galaxies - Sky and Telescope
KTG 84 Galaxy Triplets based on the article in Sky and Telescope " Isolated Triplets "...
04-03-2018 207 0
Bakich top 10 Lamest Deep-Sky names
The 10 lamest deep-sky object names To install: Download and unzip the files in this archive Apollo...
02-08-2018 199 0
IAServer User Guide
IAServer User Guide (PDF format) This document is in Portable Document Format (PDF) and requires...
04-30-2009 199 0
TheSkyX Theater Edition User Guide
TheSkyX Theater Edition User Guide This document is in Portable Document Format (PDF) and requires...
05-18-2009 198 0
Paramount MYT Unpacking Instructions
Each Paramount has unpacking instructions taped to the inside of the shipping box. This is the full...
12-11-2014 193 0
Paramount ME/MX Counterweight Shaft Drawing
Paramount ME and Paramount MX counterweight shaft technical drawing including dimensions, threads...
12-10-2012 188 0
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