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Name Date Downloads Comments
Pyramid Portable Pier Photos
The Pyramid Portable Piers are shown with the optional 6-inch riser tube. Copyright 2012 Software...
05-25-2012 744 0
Paramount ME Declination Gear Replacement
This "high-level" document describes the procedure to replace a damaged Paramount ME declination...
06-11-2012 218 0
Pyramid Portable Pier User Guide
Pyramid Portable Pier User Guide, Revision 1.1. Revision Notes 2.3 Attempted to clarify delrin washer...
06-15-2012 765 0
Paramount GEM MKS 5000 Replacement Instructions
This document describes how to replace the Paramount Robotic Telescope Mount's MKS 5000 control...
10-26-2017 1,580 0
Paramount MX Polar Shaft Nut
Technical drawing of the nut on the end of the Paramount MX polar shaft.
08-07-2012 142 0
Pyramid Portable Pier SolidWorks eDrawing
Pyramid Portable Pier Done Virtually The Pyramid Portable is designed using SolidWorks 3D CAD software...
08-29-2012 265 0
Pyramid Portable Pier Technical Drawing
This document shows the height and radius (footprint) of the fully-extended Pyramid Portable Pier...
08-30-2012 608 0
Paramount ME/MX Counterweight Shaft Drawing
Paramount ME and Paramount MX counterweight shaft technical drawing including dimensions, threads...
12-10-2012 132 0
Paramount ME II Rendering
Paramount ME II SolidWorks Rendering. Copyright 2015 Software Bisque, Inc. All rights reserved.
10-02-2012 707 0
Paramount Audible Sounds Emitted by Servo Motors
This is a recording of the sounds the Paramount emits after being turned on. At 2 seconds, the power...
10-12-2012 386 0
Paramount MX Cam Stop Adjustment Instructions
This document describes the procedure to restore the Paramount MX's cam stop to the factory...
11-11-2011 854 0
Double Double Companion Stars
This Sky Database contains two companion stars to the Double Double in Lyra.
11-30-2010 715 0
ScriptTheSkyX Documentation and Examples
Contains the documentation and examples of how to script TheSkyX Professional Edition for Mac and...
07-29-2016 2,959 0
Paramount Successful Start Up Audible Feedback
Click on the embedded audio player above, or click the Download link at the right to listen to a...
07-11-2011 230 0
Paramount Successful Homing Audible Feedback
Click the embedded audio player above, or click the Download link to the right to listen to a recording...
07-14-2011 125 0
Paramount Error Condition Audible Feedback
Click above, or click the Download link at the right to listen to a recording of the sound emitted...
07-15-2011 114 0
Software Bisque Logo (EPS)
The Software Bisque company logo in encapsulated postscript (eps) format. A sample of the logo appears...
08-19-2011 1,003 0
Software Bisque Logo (TIF)
The Software Bisque company logo (with embossed background) in TIF format (300 dpi). A sample of...
08-19-2011 789 0
MKS 4000 Motor Firmware Version 2.8.6
MKS 4000 Firmware Version 2.8.6. The Paramount ME/MX Hand Controller is compatible with the Paramount...
08-22-2011 976 0
Software Bisque Logo (PSD)
The Software Bisque company logo in Photoshop (PSD) format. Photo size: 5000 x 5000 at 1200 dpi...
09-06-2011 870 0
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