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Paramount MYT

Name Date Downloads Comments
Paramount MYT Pier Adaptor Plate
The Paramount MYT Adaptor plate can be used to mount the Paramount MYT to some existing piers and...
12-19-2014 803 0
Paramount MYT Unpacking Instructions
Each Paramount has unpacking instructions taped to the inside of the shipping box. This is the full...
12-11-2014 193 0
Paramount Quick Start Guide
Click the Download button to go to the Paramount Quick Start Guide page.
12-04-2014 262 0
Paramount MYT Base Dimensions and Specifications
The Paramount MYT has a square footprint hole pattern for mounting to a pier or tripod, however...
11-03-2014 456 4
Paramount MYT Tripod Basic Dimensions
This document shows the two heights and foot to foot distances of the of the Paramount MYT Tripod...
10-29-2014 256 0
Paramount MYT Tripod eDrawing
Paramount MYT Tripod Done Virtually The Paramount MYT Tripod is designed using SolidWorks 3D CAD...
10-21-2014 115 0
Paramount MX Pier to Paramount MYT Adaptor Plate
The optional Paramount MX Pier to Paramount MYT Base Adaptor Plate allows the Paramount MYT to be...
10-21-2014 346 0
Paramount MYT SolidWorks eDrawing
Paramount MYT Done Virtually The Paramount MYT is designed using SolidWorks 3D CAD software. And...
10-21-2014 273 2
Paramount MYT Counterweight Shaft Drawing
Paramount MYT counterweight shaft technical drawing including dimensions, threads, weights, and...
10-21-2014 108 0
Paramount MYT Versa-Plate Technical Drawing
The Paramount MYT Versa-Plate, included with the Paramount MYT, can be used to mount a variety of...
10-21-2014 321 1
Paramount MYT Dimensions
This technical drawing shows many of the critical dimensions for the Paramount MYT.
10-21-2014 385 0
Link to the Paramount User Guide (GEM Models)
Click the Download button to the right to download the PDF version of the Paramount User Guide....
10-21-2014 328 0
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